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Grand Rapids Allergy has provided outstanding allergy services to West Michigan for over 35 years. Our staff consists of board-certified physicians trained in the care of infant, pediatric, adolescent and adult allergy, asthma and immunology. We use our depth of knowledge and experience to gain a comprehensive understanding of your unique allergy profile, and then develop personalized treatment plans just for you.

Our physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses and staff are all dedicated to patient education. We are proud to offer our own educational videos, created just for Grand Rapids Allergy and featuring our very own doctors, that help patients to fully understand their allergies and treatment options. A library of information on food allergies is also available to our patients and the community through our Food Allergy Center of Excellence, a service offered free to the community.

Through our excellent care, convenient treatment options and personalized treatment plans, Grand Rapids Allergy invites you and your family to experience life without allergies.