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New for July

Posted on June 25, 2020

Hello & Happy July!

We are thankful for your patience and encouragement over the past 3 months and we are working hard to resume all GRA operations as soon as possible. Please review the following and note what is new for July!

Starting Wednesday, July 1, injections will be administered from 9 am to noon, and from 1 pm to 5 pm. Injections until 5 pm - This is new!

  • You will be screened as you enter the parking lot to confirm your health. 
  • Please don’t report to the office if you will not be able to pass the screening questions and call us to discuss a plan for your specific situation.
  • After you park, you will enter the building and swipe your own injection swipe card.   This is new!  Remember to bring your swipe card! 
  • Masks are required to enter the building
  • Eyewear is optional while in the building. We will provide eyewear for you if you desire this additional step for your safety.  This is new!
  • The medical literature provides guidance for 3-foot distancing, with mask and eyewear. This is new!  See the following link to read about distancing: https://bit.ly/37ZMaq1.
  • After you swipe in to establish a place in the injection queue, you will wait in line in the building to be called to an injection station via the overhead PA system.  This is new!
  • The floor will be clearly marked to direct 1-way flow to the injection area and to maintain distancing during your wait.   This is new! 
  • Following your injection, you will leave the building to wait 30 minutes in your vehicle with your window partially open to allow staff monitoring your safety to easily communicate with you. 
  • Modifications may be made for inclement weather.
  • As always, keep an eye on notifications from us via email, your patient portal, and the GRA website and Facebook page.

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