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2020-2021 School Forms

Posted on August 11, 2020

If a medication administration form (school form) needs to be completed to start the 2020-2021 school year, plan ahead and contact the school office now to obtain these forms. We are happy to help you get your school paperwork completed!

Please be aware that we will be completing forms in the order they are received and as quickly as is possible. If there is a sudden increase in volume of forms to complete, there may be delays. The sooner the forms are submitted, the better.

We do not want to encourage unnecessary traffic in the office, so we have decided to modify our school form process for this year. We ask patients to either mail, fax, or send forms as an attachment to a portal message. Please include a current weight, which specific medications you want the patient to have at school, and whether they can carry these medications in their backpack and/or self-administer. Please complete designated parent/child sections of form and sign if indicated. We are not going to charge for forms this year due to the pandemic. An appointment with a Grand Rapids Allergy provider in the last year is required to have forms completed, otherwise they will be completed after an appointment is kept.

Please call the office with any questions.

A note about masks for patients/students with asthma: Grand Rapids Allergy will not be writing mask exemption notes for school. For recommendations and considerations regarding face masks or covering, we recommend reviewing the COVID-19 and Asthma Toolkit for Schools – page 25. We welcome you to schedule an appointment to discuss asthma status and treatment plans.

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