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​The Ides of March (and April and May)

Posted on April 13, 2017

It’s the “re” time of year again: a time of rebirth, renewal, and reorganizing (usually the closets). Between vegetation emerging from the freshly melted snow and the ritual many know as “spring cleaning,” there are so many opportunities to come across something your system finds unappealing and against which it wants to rebel. Do you find this time of year uncomfortable? Do you have trouble breathing, feel irritable and fatigued, or maybe even develop a rash or itchy skin around this time of year? Has spring become your least favorite season?

That’s not good! Spring is a time to get back outside and do some gardening, play tag with the kids, and prepare the house for summer visitors and parties. Because of this, you might engage in rigorous house cleaning, yard work, and other activities that stir up dust, pollen, and other microscopic spores. These particles mix into the air and get into your system, and sometimes your system behaves like a blind army captain, deciding a non-harmful substance in the body is harmful and attacking. When your body is putting forth such a strong offense, it can show itself outwardly in a variety of symptoms.

Spring is a notoriously hard time for many people with blind captains leading the armies of their immune systems. The results of this vary from breathing issues (stuffy/runny nose, coughing, sneezing, congestion) to vision problems (Swollen or puffy eyelids, itchy eyes, difficulty focusing) to other physical ailments (itchy skin, fatigue, insomnia, and more). Never fear, soldier, there is a peace treaty for all of us. With the help of preventative actions and allergy remedies, spring break really can be the needed respite you deserve. Here are some ideas for keeping your system as unthreatened as possible:

  • Pollen is the scourge of many, so remember that it is at its highest count in the midmorning and early evening. Windy days will also populate the air with pollen. Keep that in mind when planning outdoor activities.
  • Shower every evening and put on fresh clothes afterwards to get the pollen and other spores off your skin. Your skin has many pores that can also act as passageways into your system.
  • Wear sunglasses, goggles, or pollen masks when outside for long periods of time. Consider these pollen masks for when you tackle that back closet during your spring cleaning.
  • Do not hang clothes or linens outside to dry, as this can cover them in pollen.
  • Turn your air conditioning on early in the day and keep your windows closed.

If you need to bring in the big guns, talk to one of the doctors at Grand Rapids Allergy. They can assess what your system is trying to attack and negotiate a peace treaty. Grand Rapids Allergy is a veteran in this fight, and they’ve got your six.

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