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Posted on July 06, 2020

This week is a HOT one! With temperatures predicted to be in the 90's and “feels like” in the sun temperatures over 100, we need a solution that is better suited to both patients and staff in the parking lot.  We also need to anticipate a process that will function in the event of rain.

We will maintain the process that was emailed to you last week for the mornings, as the temperatures are easier to manage and there is more shade in the parking lot.

For the afternoons this week and future dates of heat & rain:

  • Park in the front or side lot and enter the front of the building. Remember to wear your face covering and bring your swipe card.
  • Screening will happen just inside the building. Please stop to answer screening questions with staff before swiping in for an injection.
  • Swipe in for an injection, sanitize your hands and follow the arrows on the floor. Please stand on the first available “Stand Here” blue dot. Move forward as space opens.
  • Staff will call you to a station when they have your injection(s) prepared.
  • Once your injection is complete, follow one-way flow to the waiting room.
  • Find a place to sit for your 30-minute post injection wait. Chairs are spaced to allow for 3-foot distancing. Please refer to this research article for rationale: https://bit.ly/31PcFgU (Look for seating arrangements that match your family size. If there is not a space with enough seating for you, please see staff for direction. Upper and lower level waiting areas are open.)
  • After completion of your wait time, you are free to leave if you are feeling healthy. If you used provided eye wear, please place in the designated bin for sanitizing.
  • Staff will routinely clean waiting areas.

Thank you for your patience as we continue to adapt! See you soon!

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